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Layout Lenovo Thinkpad X61T Keyboard

keyboard for Lenovo Thinkpad X61T

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Layout&lang: ???

Ribbon cable included


Compatible models

* Not all models compatible with this specific keyboard are listed. Contact us if you have any questions about laptop compatibility.

Attention please

If your original item doesn't look the same as our image shows, it means our item might be the compatible one.

If the keyboard has no frame , please check whether your old keyboard's enter key is of the same shape as ours which looks like. Because there are two different Enter key shape, one looks like a rectangular, one looks like number '7' shapes, they are completely incompatible.

Please firstly compare the picture with your keyboard before you place an order, especially the ribbon cable (position, length and width). Make sure that the keyboard is the right one you need as well as the layout version.

If you are still not sure after a comparation, please Contact us.

You can email us your laptop models and parts P / N number or send the keyboard picture to us . we will confirm the keyboard by mail to you.This will ensure that you receive the correct laptop keyboard.

Layout and language

UI English US International
UK English United Kingdom
US English United States
AR/ARA Arabic (لحاسب المحمول كيبورد )
BE/BEL Belgium (AZERTY Belgisch Toetsenbord, Belgian)
BG/BU Bulgarian (Българска клавиатура)
BR/BRZ Brazilian
CF/EF/CA/CFE CAN-FR, Canada French,Canadian(CA) keyboard / Clavier
CR/SV/YU (QWERTZ) Š Đ Ž Ć Č, Slovenian/ Bosnian/ Croatian/ Serbian/ Macedonian/ Montenegro/ West Balkans/ Yugoslavia Keyboard
CZ/SK Czech (Czech Klávesnice/Slovak Klávesnice)
DM/DAN/DEN Danish (Laptop tastatur)
DT Dutch
ES,EST,EE Estonian(Eesti sülearvuti Klaviatuur)
FL/FIN Finnish (Kannettavan tietokoneen näppäimistön) The same as NE Layout
FR French (AZERTY Clavier Français/French)
FS Farsi (Persian صفحه کلید لپ تاپ فارسی)
GK Greek (Ελληνικό πληκτρολόγιο)
GR/DE/GE German (Deutsch Tastatur, äößü QWERTYZ)
HB/HEB Hebrew (מקלדת מחשב נייד עברית)
HU/HG/HUN Hungarian (Magyar Billentyűzet)
ICE For use in Iceland (Méarchlár)
IS Israelite

Linguaggio tastiera Italian (ITALIANO)

JA/JP Japanese (ノート パソコンのキーボード)
KR/KOR Korean (노트북 키보드)
LA Latin
NE/DK/SWE/ NOR/FIN North Europe(Nordic) Æ Ø Ö Ä (Scandinavian Keyboard/ Norsk tastatur/ Svenska tangentbord/ Suomi näppäimistö/ Dansk tastatur/ Nordisk tastat)
NI Nigeria
NW Norwegian (Bærbare tastatur)
PL Polish
PO Portuguese (Teclado portátil Português)
RO Romanian
RU Russian (Клавиатура ноутбука)
SD/SWE Swedish
SG Swiss/Germanic
SN Scandinavian The same as NE Layout
SP Spanish (Teclado Español)
SW Swiss (Tastatur schweiz (CH))
TI Thai (แป้นพิมพ์แล็ปท็อป)
TR(Q)/TUR Turkish (Klavyeleri Klavyesi Q-Türkçe)
TU Lithuanian

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